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Perlie’s are proudly handcrafted in a third generation shoe workshop in Porto, Portugal. Most of these craftsmen have been working with footwear for over 40 years, passing the skill on from generation to generation with incredible dedication and passion. At Perlie we believe that high quality shoes are made from the best materials, by the best craftsmen. 

All materials we use, from the leather down to the shoebox, are sourced from Portugal, France and Italy only. This ensures the best quality materials and it limits our environmental impact. 



Perlie’s are proudly handcrafted in a third generation shoe workshop in Porto, Portugal. The area around Porto is, next ot Italy, the most important area for the production of luxury shoes in Europe. Most of our craftsmen have been working in the footwear industry for decades, with incredible passion and dedication.

The entire process is still done by hand including the cutting of the leather, the stitching and the patina finishing. As a result each and every of our shoes is unique. Since the shoes are finished by hand, every pair is slightly different and most certainly one of a kind. This craftsmanship and passion combined with our revolutionary technology and design, allows us to make our unique shoes.



As with many things, well begun is half done. The production process of men’s dress shoes starts with the sourcing and cutting of the leather. We only use high-quality calf leather sourced from carefully selected tanneries in Italy. Calf leather is the most suitable type of leather for luxury men’s shoes due to its fine structure and softness. The leather is then cut by hand for the specific PERLIE model and shoe style.



Now that all patterns have been cut out, the upper can be sewn together. The sewing of the upper is still done manually. Next, the upper is pulled over the last to give the shoe its final shape. The shape of the shoe mainly depends on the last that has been chosen. Some lasts are wider, while others are narrower. Some lasts are perfect for giving the shoe a rough look, while other lasts give the shoe a slimmer look.



The next step in the process is to apply the shank, the supporting part of the shoe between the insole and the outsole. The shank ensures that the shoe retains its final structure and does not collapse at the arch of the foot. The sole is then attached to the shoe using the so-called Blake Rapid Construction method. 

There are several forms of construction, but the Blake Rapid construction is the most popular method used today. This is because this method allows for a much more flexible and sleek shoe which is easy to repair.



The shoe is now almost ready. Yet, there are still some important steps to be done. First, the shoe is polished, brushed and cleaned in the finishing department. Then, our specially designed removable insole is placed inside the shoe and the laces are added. All of our smooth leather models have a hand-applied patina consisting of gradual layers of paint. The patina gives the shoe a unique finish. Since everything is done by hand, each and every PERLIE shoe is completely one of a kind.

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